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For over 40 years now Stamford, the world leader in the energy market, is an unbeatable combination on the Dutch and Belgian markets as they closely follow the developments in the market to optimally respond to the needs of this market.

This has led to several successes in both manufacturing and shipping.

A few examples are f.i. in  the market for CHP installations the introduction of the 2/3 winding pitch in the generators and an improvement of the regulating systems for a stable operation in installations running parallel with the mains but also in island operation.

In the shipping industry we made a start with the development of the electrical shaft systems and their application in the inland shipping and in the coastal shipping for driving the cargo pumps and the bow thrusters.

Special developments introduced by Caldic are the generators with special air inlet filters

for IP 44 execution, the generators with 2nd shaft and the latest development is the water cooled generator for IP 54 execution.

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