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Rexnord Premium Service

Improove your productivity and reduce your maintanance cost with the Rexnord Premium Service


Plant survey

Caldic identifies all Rexnord chains and components in a survey of your plant. Even the installed quality of the chains are monitored. All information is linked to the conveyor motor number which is used as the location reference of your production line.

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Wear status check-up

During the Plant survey, the wear status of all Rexnord components is checked. All information will be stored in the computer.


Rexnord Premium Service makes use of online data processing. All product types, quantities and descriptions are made available to you online at

All data is stored on a secured area. The chain wear status is indicated with a visible colour code for each of the conveyors in line.


  • standardisation of your chains
  • Reduce cost of stock
  • Easy selection of the needed items and quantities
  • Optimisation of the lifetime of your chains
  • Historical cost reports of your individual productionlines
  • Easy forecast of your maintanance cost per production line

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