NGV Series for AGV Robots Planetary Gearboxes

The NGV planetary gearbox was developed specifically for application in Automated Guided Vehicles. The outstanding performance of this gearbox enables the AGV to continuously deliver high performance in terms of both precision and load capacity. Its smart design and high performance make the NGV planetary gearbox the ideal logistics partner.

The planetary gearbox for automated guided vehicles

In the logistics environment, the role of Automated Guided Vehicles is becoming increasingly important. At the same time, the performance expected of the AGV is also getting higher and higher. With the NGV planetary gearbox from Neugart, you get a planetary gearbox that has been specially developed to allow your AGV to excel. In fact, the NGV is specially designed to perform consistently and reliably in terms of very high precision and heavy loads.

Thanks to its compact design and clever placement in the AGV’s wheel, the NGV takes up little space and delivers energy-efficient performance. These features contribute to its ability to achieve an optimal ratio of battery size, power and range. The NGV’s durable design ensures that your AGV can deliver reliable and optimal performance day in and day out and has a long service life.


Coaxial planetary gearbox (built into AGV robot)

The NGV was specially developed based on the specific requirements of many of the AGV robots. Compact construction, resistant to high radial loads, deployable 24/7 and lifetime lubricated with direct attachment capabilities in the robot.

This makes the NGV unique and extremely suitable for the wide application of Automated Guided Vehicle robots.

  • NGV: coaxial, compact with outgoing attachment flange

    The NGV is the answer for many AGV robots in logistics concepts. With a high protection class and available in three different construction sizes, the NGV is also the right choice for your robot application.

    Specific features of the NGV

    Spur Gear

    Preloaded angular contact bearings
    Equidirectional rotation
    Extra large round output flange
    Extra long center aglinment collar
    Short base gearbox
    Nominal output torque 18 – 260 Nm
    Backlash 9 – 12 arcmin
    Radial force 2,300 – 5,150 N
    Axial force 2,850 – 6,450 N
    Protection class IP65


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At Caldic Techniek we have years of experience applying gearboxes in a multitude of challenging environments. As absolute experts in the field of Neugart’s reliable and high-quality gearboxes, we are happy to help you find the right gearbox for your application. Based on our knowledge and experience, we will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities that the various planetary gearboxes have to offer. Together we will find the ideal solution for your project. Please feel free to contact us so that we can share our knowledge and insights with you.

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