With 4 strong brands under one roof always the right conveyor solution in house

16 October 2023

As an expert in conveyors, Caldic Techniek now offers an even more complete package of conveyor parts. Our assortment now consists of the products of the strong brands Rexnord, MCC, Marbett and System Plast.

With these great brands in our portfolio, we are the ideal party for anyone who conveys bottles, cans, packaged products, food or cars or builds their own conveyors.

Rexnord, MCC, Marbett & System Plast

Rexnord, MCC, Marbett and System Plast are all four well-known and leading brands within the world of conveyors. These brands are known for the production of innovative and highly regarded components such as conveyor components, conveyor chains and modular conveyor mats.

Stronger offerings and new products

By working with four leading brands, the range is very extensive in both breadth and depth and there is always a perfect solution to be found. In addition, we are also able to continually add innovative new products from these brands to our range. For example, the Modsort conveyor belt is a newcomer to our range. This solution, which consists of a conveyor belt with marbles that can rotate in multiple directions, allows you to select products on the belt. A second important addition is the chains and belts made of NGE, a chemical and heat-resistant material that has some very advantageous properties and characteristics.

Caldic Techniek adds value to your business

We believe it is important to add value throughout the chain. To this end, we have developed various services that you can rely on.

During your engineering process, our people will advise and assist you. Because the better solution may require customization, we have the ability in our workshops in Rotterdam to modify generators and produce toothed belt pulleys entirely according to your specifications.

Would you like to know more about our Conveyor Solutions? We will gladly tell you more about the different possibilities.

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